Titan 2021



      Titan Bikes was established in 2005 with a single bicycle and the aim to fill a huge gap in the market. This company brings a passion for bikes and how much they empower people to the table and puts riders as their no. 1 priority. Much like Bike Addict does.

      Then, in 2017, the company revamped its corporate identity and became Titan Racing Bikes, the brand as we know it today. This transformation reflected the company’s broader vision of manufacturing bicycles with higher specifications, catering for more competitive riders as well.

      The new identity made it possible for Titan Racing to highlight the expansion of its product line that now caters for a range of disciplines at a variety of price points. The best of which, we’re happy to say, you will find here.

      Our Titan Racing 2021 Bike catalogue includes the Calypso Series. This line is committed to giving female riders the finest bike ever. These machines employ particular designs and distinct geometries, offering low standover heights and cockpits created with women in mind. All the Calypso bicycles available at Bike Addict feature a combination of shorter stems and wider bars. These deliver increased control and boost confidence.

      The Cypher and Cypher RS was designed as a medium distance travel bike and is based on the metric shock standard. This allows for two travel variants on the same frame because the stroke length of the shock can be adjusted without the eye-to-eye dimensions being adversely affected. A mere 7.5mm difference on the stroke means the rear axle receives 22mm of travel in two variations. The Cypher RS 100mm has a stroke length of 37.5mm and the Cypher 44mm.

      As an added perk, Titan uses the same advanced technology and parts that makes their adult bikes stand out, in their kids bicycles. This means that junior riders are guaranteed the best possible riding experience.

      15 products

      15 products