TACX Indoor Trainers

      Tacx is a renowned designer and manufacturer of indoor bike trainers. Indoor trainers are very useful for even the most devoted outdoor cycling enthusiast and we’re happy to tell you why. Although many riders recoil in horror at the mere suggestion of an indoor ride, there are many excellent reasons to make these indoor trainers a regular part of your lifestyle.

      Trainers are invaluable when it comes to bridging times between injury and when it’s safe to get back outside. You don’t have to compromise your fitness levels just because you can’t get out on your bike.

      And you never have to worry about your bike rides taking much longer than you expected them to again. If you only have a particular amount of time to spare, you can make it that much more effective on your indoor bike trainer.

      Using trainers for recovery rides is genius since the entire point is spinning your legs without exertion. Of course, you can go easy outside. But you have to factor in acceleration from stopping, the time you spend coasting, and traversing smaller hills that impel higher watts.

      Tacx trainers additionally feature Smart functionality which allows you to compete with fellow riders. These interactive programmes track your power output during training sessions and allow you to cycle any course worldwide without leaving your home. They are an innovative way to enhance your training sessions these days, rather than just a way to save time.

      Whether it’s the Flow Smart Trainer, the Flux 2 ST, the Flux S, the Neo 2T, the Blue Twist Trainer, or any of our other Tacx products that have caught your eye, there are plenty of reasons to get one. Bike Addict offers free shipping for accessories over R1 500* and we ship all over South Africa, to our neighbouring countries, and are happy to answer any questions you may have, any time.

      *Terms and Conditions apply.