Bicycle Stems

      While your bicycle stem performs the fundamentally simple job of keeping the handlebars securely clamped on to the fork steerer, having the right stem for your bicycle and the type of riding that you do is crucial. Sometimes, you may need a replacement stem or you may want to upgrade your current stem to offer enhanced performance, and Bike Addict is here to help you do just that.

      We stock a wide range of bike stems for all types of bicycles, and you’ll find a variety of options in different dimensions and materials. The degree of rise and the length both play an instrumental role in how your stem connects to the handlebars, so you’ll need to choose your preferred stem carefully to ensure it meets your needs. If you need any help, you are always welcome to chat to our in-house team and have them fit a stem for you.

      Our bike stems are suited to a wide variety of bicycles, and also to the different types of riders. We have state of the art stems that enhance performance, are lightweight and are ideal for MTB racing and those who take their off road biking very seriously, and we also have superior road bike stems that fit perfectly with the best racing bike brands. Plus we stock more run of the mill stems that offer great performance for the casual rider, no matter what terrain they prefer. You’ll find adjustable and non adjustable stems in our store and a variety of products made from alloy and carbon fibre that ensure they don’t add any extra weight to your bike.

      Choose from leading brands like Race Face, Pro, Enve and Spank and find a stem that suits your budget. Plus we offer free shipping on all purchases over R1000*, so bear this in mind when ordering.

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