Looking to upgrade your mountain bike with new shocks, or simply need to retire worn ones that have seen better days? Bike Addict has what you’re looking for. We stock a wide range of front and rear shock absorbers for all size mountain bikes, and our in-house maintenance team can even help you to fit them if you need a hand.

      Our range of bike shocks is competitively priced and we stock shocks from big name brands such as RockShox and Fox. Each and every shock is designed to enhance your performance and offer a smoother, more controlled ride, and we have something to suit all sized budgets. Our shocks also come in a variety of sizes and weights, and include features like hydraulic remote levers, varying level of compression and rebound capabilities, as well as optional position adjustment.

      The shocks we feature in our collection are all lightweight and won’t add extra kilos to your bicycle, however they will offer more than adequate absorption of pedal force so that you enjoy a smoother ride.

      If you enjoy riding on rocky trails, then front and rear shocks are going to be a requirement, as you don’t want to feel every bump in your bones. That’s why our selection of shocks caters for everyone, and no matter what your requirements, you’ll find the suspension options you need right here. Even if you plan on riding the smoother trails you may want to investigate shocks as the definitely make the overall experience far more pleasant, and usually mean you can spend longer in the saddle without experiencing too much discomfort.

      Opt for the smoothest ride possible with Bike Addict. Choose the shocks that suit your riding style and take advantage of the fact that we ship all accessories over R1000 for free (terms and conditions do apply).


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