Bicycle shifters are key mechanisms that facilitate gear changes while you are on the move. This is obviously very important when you are on a ride with varying gradients.

      They are indexed in order to offer exact shifting. This process removes the chance of your gears being misaligned or of them slipping. Indexed shifting works wonderfully on road bikes because it guarantees that your machine stays in the gear you need it to, even when you are putting out a lot of energy, either working your way up a climb or in a sprint.

      Shimano and SRAM are market leaders when it comes to shifters, combining the brake lever and gear shifting into a single neat unit. Their shifters look very alike and are positioned similarly even though the actual function of their levers differ. Setting them on the handlebar hoods of your bike gets you the maximum amount of ease, allowing you to use your brakes and gears in a range of hand positions on drop handlebars.

      If you are struggling to decide which brand of shifter is best for you, we recommend you take the groupset you use into account. Whichever one you have already fitted to your bicycle will limit what your shifter options are. This is because, for example, Shimano shifters are only really meant to work with components from that company. So, we don’t advise mixing different brands when it comes to drive train components, no matter whether they have the same number of gears or not.

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