If you’re looking to upgrade your bicycle or perhaps you need to replace your seatpost after a crash or just old age, Bike Addict has everything you need. We stock a wide range of high quality durable seatposts from leading manufacturers, and the components needed to fit these posts too. Whether you’re looking for a bolt straight seatpost or one with added support or more or a curve, we have it all.

      Cyclists often overlook the importance of a good seatpost as they may just be considered the component that connects your saddle to your bike, but the right seatpost can make a huge difference to your ride.

      A seatpost that is adjustable to your perfect height can enhance your ride and make it all the more comfortable, and can provide added stability on every corner or straight. If you’re sitting comfortably in the saddle, even the hardest bumps won’t be too much to handle, but if your seatpost doesn’t offer your saddle adequate support and structure, you’ll be in for a very uncomfortable ride. The right seatpost can also make your bike lighter, and Bike Addict stocks seatposts made of lightweight materials to do just that. The lighter your bike, the more aerodynamic it will be and the more compliant, and all of this adds up to better performance in the long run.

      Whatever your seatpost needs, from clamps to full sets and posts with internal floating pistons, Bike Addict has got you covered. We stock seatposts from top cycling brands like Rockshox, Synchros, Enve and Ritchey and our prices are highly competitive too. We also offer free shipping on all orders over R1000*, so you can be assured of a great deal and easy online shopping. Find what you need right here and enjoy a smoother, higher performance ride.

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