Pre-Owned Bikes

Pre-Owned Bikes


      At Bike Addict we don’t only sell new bicycles, we also sell a great range of second hand bikes that have been gently used. Our used bikes for sale are all in excellent condition, and have been well looked after during their lifetime.

      Our range of 2nd hand bikes gives you the opportunity to own a make and model that you may not be able to afford brand new, but that comes with the Bike Addict stamp of approval.

      Available at affordable prices, our pre-owned bikes have all been careful checked to ensure that they are still able to perform at their optimum. After a thorough check from our pro team they make it on to the showroom floor, and you are welcome to come and test them out in-store if you’re nearby.  Each and every one of the second hand bikes we sell will see you hit the road or trails in style, and we stock a wide range of premium brand used bikes for sale, for men, women and children.

      We also welcome trade ins, and have demo bikes, and a selection of used mountain bikes for sale. You’ll find 2nd hand bicycle brands such as Giant, Cannondale, Momsen and Titan all looking for new homes.

      Buying a second hand bicycle doesn’t have to be a gamble anymore. Bike Addict is a trusted name in the business and we only sell bikes that we have checked out and made sure are all in order. As we also specialize in bike maintenance, we know what to look for and how to spot any issues. Our used mountain bikes and our road bikes are all in tip-top shape, and in our case, ‘used’ doesn’t mean anything more than pre-loved.