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Park Tool


      It’s no fun having to haul your bike to a shop only to hear that your problem somehow relates to a user error! Luckily, it’s pretty easy to solve most of the basic issues yourself, and it will get even simpler as you gain experience. Bike Addict has all the Park Tools you could possibly need, and competitively priced ones at that.

      There are two ways to go about buying the Park Tools you’ll need. The first is to get the equipment already bundled, like our home mechanic starter kit, and the second is to piece the right items together as you need them.

      The upside of buying the full package Park Tool home mechanic starter kit is that it comes ready with everything you’ll need. The downside that sometimes there are items included you won’t use much and that you pay that much more, naturally. If you decide not to go this route, the good news is that we’ve got you covered at every level, including a great blue box tool case.

      Our experts recommend certain products for every rider, including stands. Your bike addict options in this category include event, portable repair, and wheel truing stands. And we’ve got shop aprons, bar style shop stools, and mechanic gloves along with coffee mugs when you’re ready to take a break!

      In terms of routine maintenance, make sure you’ve got chain lube, wrenches, of which we have several, and gear cleaning brushes. Then there are spanners, Park Tool’s Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair, and bottle openers along with bottom bracket bearing tool sets. A digital scale could come in handy, as could a four-sided spoke wrench, and a hacksaw.

      In short, if you need it, we’ve got it, and you can benefit from free shipping on orders over R1 000* when you rely on us.

      *Terms & Conditions included

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