MTB Frames


      Looking to upgrade or update your mountain bike, or has a crash left you with a frame that needs to be retired once and for all? Bike Addict has some excellent high quality mountain bike frames that will give your bicycle a new lease on life. Sometimes a frame needs to be replaced due to wear and tear or having developed a crack or break, and other times it’s a great way to give your existing bike a makeover and improve its performance. Whatever your reasons, our range of mountain bike frames are there to suit your needs. 

      Bike Addict prides itself in only aligning with the brands that really are the best in the business, and we stock mountain bike frames from industry leaders like Momsen and Silverback. Mountain bikes can take a beating, and a decent frame can help set you apart from the pack and make all the difference to your ride. Every mountain bike frame we stock is designed to offer the best ride in its category and to be lightweight, durable and resilient.

      If you’re not sure about buying a new frame you are more than welcome to chat to the Bike Addict team for advice, as sometimes all your other bicycle components may be exactly what you want, but your frame is letting you down. Instead of replacing your bicycle, you can opt for a new frame that is better suited to your riding needs and your budget too.

      We can also assist with bike finance through trusted financial service providers and we offer free shipping on all orders over R1000 (terms and conditions apply). We can help get you back in the saddle on a sturdy and solid frame that won’t let you down in next to no time.

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