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      Even with all the developments in frame building, suspension, and wheel size, your mountain bike’s brakes are still probably its most important components. Mainly because all the advances we enjoy have produced bicycles capable of speeds we’d never have been able to imagine before now.

      Your brakes are the key element of your level of control. They allow you to snatch a handful as you make a tight turn when you reach the end of a high-speed straight or gently feather your way down a steep slab of rock covered in moss.

      If you’re thinking of upgrading, you’ve come to the right place! At Bike Addict we’ve got top developers’ products ready for you and offer excellent braking power at almost every price point.

      The ICE TECHNOLOGY brake components Shimano uses go a long way towards managing and reducing the build-up of heat, allowing you to ride more confidently. The ICE TECHNOLOGY brake pads, hoses, pistons, and rotors all work together to keep your bike’s system cool and also reduces brake fade. This means better braking no matter what conditions you’re riding in.

      Hope Tech is famous for its beautifully made brakes which offer truly lovely modulation. These guys are all about saving on weight without making any sacrifices on performance. They’re ideal for cross country riders looking to increase braking performance as well as enduro and trail riders who want to shave a few grams off.

      SRAM brakes combine a great price with superb stopping power and are a favourite with e-bikes. They’re also designed to handle higher speeds and the more intense use that the weight of e-bikes necessitates.

      And Formula R1 brakes are great thanks to their tuning capability. They provide increased modulation, offer great braking power, and are durable.

      Browse our brake collection and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with anything and remember, we offer free delivery on purchases over R1 000*.

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