A proudly South African bike brand, Momsen is a real local success story. Since their inception in 2009, Momsen have been building top quality bikes that offer a homegrown option they can be proud of. At Bike Addict, we’re proud to stock a wide range of Momsen bikes, and we include Momsen RX bikes, Momsen Hardtail AL bikes, and Momsen Vipa’s in our catalogue.

      With Momsen mountain bikes you can have complete confidence in the saddle, and this brand had put a lot of energy and research into creating bikes that are durable, innovative, long lasting and a pleasure to ride. Momsen bikes also cater for everyone, from the professional cyclist to the casual enthusiast or beginner, and there are men’s and women’s bikes, as well as a Junior Series for kids.

      There are high-end bikes and bottom range Momsen bikes, and whatever your budget, you’ll be able to find something that suits you. We also stock pre-owned Momsen bikes; can point you in the direction of bike finance, and offer a free delivery service if you buy online.

      The Momsen Vipa is the quintessential high end MTB, and was the very first true full suspension, full carbon bike designed especially for use on South African trails. The now-legendary Vipa has earned its spot at the top, and it is trusted by a number of pro riders who regularly participate in local and international events.

      Momsen RX bikes are also an excellent choice, as are the AL Hardtail range for those who enjoy riding this style. A variety of these bikes are available at different price points at Bike Addict, depending on their construction, size and specs.

      If you are looking for innovative, locally made bikes for almost all purposes, then Momsen is a brand you can trust to get you going.