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      Leatt is a South African based in Cape Town firm making inroads globally within the cycling accessories market. It specialises in protecting riders, incorporating a diverse array of gear that prevents injury and protects you if an accident does occur and Bike Addict is the no. 1 destination for their apparel. Browse our Leatt hoodies, mountain jackets, shorts, sleeve jerseys, t-shirts, and more to find your perfect fit.

      Leatt is in charge of its very own self-sufficient medical testing facility, where it develops and certifies its products before they’re released to the market. Their protective lines feature innovative products which have been designed to provide both superb impact energy dissipation and increase your overall comfort while you’re on the bike.

      For a proudly South African organisation that is committed to innovation in a fiercely competitive market, Leatt is doing incredible work. They have proven that locally produced bicycle gear can hold it own with even the most established names in the industry.

      When it comes to Leatt Clothing, you can look forward to state-of-the-art fabric and materials with amazing technology brought to bear in its production. It’s been designed to enhance your all-round performance as well as increase your comfort-level and up the protection your apparel gives you. And this is all without compromising on breathability.

      Their clothing provides full cover for cyclists, whether you’re into BMX, Downhill, Enduro, or Trail riding. You can expect a perfect fit, with fewer seams to provide better function, and enhanced durability. Their clothing is comfortable, light, and created with stain-resistant fabric so you can relax on those muddy rides!

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