Fox Suspension

Fox Suspension


      For more than 30 years FOX has been a pioneer in the design and development of high-performance shock absorbers and suspension products for mountain bikes. Their spectacular portfolio currently lists some of the best quality forks and shocks and Bike Addict has an impressive range available for you to choose from. 


      The FOX engineers are always performing demanding tests on their athletes and the data collected in this way gets applied to their products. It’s what sets the company apart and keeps it on podiums the world over. Fox forks and shocks are perfectly matched with the challenging conditions bikers experience on their off-road adventures in Africa and this company understands the grit and determination required to get you on the road and keep you there.

      Aimed at weekend warriors and dedicated racers alike, browse the Bike Addict selection and enjoy unsurpassed quality, application-specific, fully serviceable products. You’ll find that, as the FOX shock allows your rear wheel to absorb impact more efficiently, your tyre will stay in contact with the ground more. This increases your control and decreases your fatigue.

      FOX shocks offer a lighter weight overall and better heat dissipation. This is why they perform the way they do. The longer shocks remain cool, shedding heat, the better they do their job due to lower levels of cavitation of fluid inside the suspension system.

      Bike Addict is here to help you maximise and enjoy your ride time and FOX does the extra work to keep you in your seat. Their forks and shocks offer easy maintenance, great adjustability and will more than meet your expectations.

      Bike Addict provides free shipping on bikes over R3 000 and accessories over R1 000* and deliver all over South Africa and neighbouring countries on a daily basis. Get a quote now and enjoy the best ride of your life!

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