Essential Items



      When it comes to essential items for cyclists, be they amateur or professional, Bike Addict has everything you need. While you will need to find your own sunscreen, we can help you with the best face masks, shields, and gloves!

      We stock Ciovita, ENJOY, and Panda facemasks which have been carefully designed to be as comfortable as possible without any compromise on safety. You’ll need one that fits properly and doesn’t require constant adjustments. We even have clear shields available, along with disposable face coverings and washable ones, so you’ll definitely be able to find the one you’re looking for.

      Cyclists absorb between four and nine times more dust particles than people in cars do and they’re also exposed to a multitude of other pollutants. The right mask can protect you against airborne contaminants as well as guard against facial injuries.

      A good pair of gloves makes your ride a lot more comfortable because it cushions the nerves in your wrists which are prone to compression over time. Wearing the right pair will also reduce your risk of carpal tunnel and our latex mitts create a vapour barrier line and help your retain heat and moisture when worn inside your gloves.

      Bike Addict even has hand sanitisers for your convenience, in smaller bottles for you to take along on your next cycling adventure and in larger containers for quick and easy refills whenever you get need to top up.

      Being properly prepared for your bike rides, be they as part of your commute to and from work, as an extra-curricular activity, or a way to relax, is vital. Bike Addict offers free shipping on machines over R3 000 and on accessories over R1 000*, too and we deliver across South Africa and its neighbouring countries daily. Stock up on essentials!


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