Dropper Post


      Considered to be one of the most significant technological advancements to hit the Mountain Biking industry since we discovered suspension technology, dropper posts are very sought-after MTB features these days. Also referred to as dropper seatposts, whether you’re looking to make your entry into this world or just want to upgrade, Bike Addict has what you need.

      Dropper posts are height-adjustable seatposts that let you quickly and easily lower your elevation while you’re riding. They operate using a handlebar or a remote lever located on the seatpost. You could compare dropper posts to office chairs in that, with your weight on the dropper, when you push the lever, the seat goes down. Lift your weight off the post and press the lever and the seat will revert to its original position. Typically, the innards are pneumatic, which means that pressurised air or gas is what holds your seatpost in either its fixed or infinitely variable positions. Of course, the technical inner workings put into place by companies as esteemed as PRO Koryak, Race Face, RockShox Inc., SATORI, and Syncros is a lot more complicated, but that’s the gist of it.

      What can a good dropper post do for you? They’ve really opened up possibilities in terms of how quickly you and your MTB can adapt to changing terrain. A simple flick of a switch allows you to take advantage of comfortable, efficient pedalling or the confidence to execute a descent with more than enough room for your bike to move beneath you without a saddle getting in the way.

      We’ve got an excellent range of dropper posts for just about every type of bike and rider preference at Bike Addict and are happy to help in whatever way you may need. Change the way you ride and see the difference when you put the right dropper post in place.

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