Crank Sets



      Your crank is what turns pedal pressure into propulsion, and is a key component in performance and speed. At Bike Addict we know that both speed and performance are important, whether you are on the road or on a mountain bike trail, so we stock a wide range of quality cranksets to make your ride is the best it can be.

      The range of cranksets that we stock don’t just look good; they also perform well and have been designed to be durable, reliable and tough too. As different mountain and road bikes have different requirements, we carry a variety of cranks that meet varying bearing sizes and fitting standards. You’ll find what you’re looking for here, and can also purchase crank arms and adaptors if they are needed.

      All our cranksets combine cosmetic appeal with functionality and we stock brands like Race Face, Shimano and SRAM, all at highly competitive prices. Our cranksets are made from lightweight materials for better performance, and we have alloy, forged aluminium and carbon cranks that won’t weigh your bike down. Additionally, we have a variety of different arm sizes and this allows you to choose a crankset that best suits your height and leverage preferences.  The varying available sizes mean that our cranks will suit men and women, and that there is a size and length that will accommodate those on the shorter or the taller side, and offer a comfortable ride.

      If you are not sure which crankset will work for your bike, want to upgrade your current crank, or are searching for a crankset that will enhance performance and make for a smother ride, chat to us. We’ll happily advise you on which crankset will suit you, and our in-house workshop can assist with any fitment as required.

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