Bicycle Chainrings

      Chainrings are an integral part of your bicycle, and you can think of them as a cog in a machine as they are a vital component in ensuring a smooth ride. At Bike Addict we stock a wide variety of chainrings for road and Mountain bikes so that you can ensure this cog in the machine functions at its most efficient at all times.

      Chainrings are directly responsible for transmitting the energy created by pedalling as they turn the cranks to the rear wheel that drive the chain. It’s thus essential that you keep your chainrings in tip-top condition as they can make for an easier, more comfortable ride. Bike Addict’s wide range of chainrings is designed to suit every cyclist, and our wide range of products caters for different size bicycles, and different types of riding. The size of a chainring will play a direct roll in gearing, and the bigger rings are ideal for those who spend a large amount of time in higher gear, whilst the smaller rings are best for those who stick to lower gears.

      Almost all bicycles can have their chainrings replaced, and this adds to longevity, and also allows you to keep your bike in the best possible running order. If teeth break or are damaged, you may not enjoy the smoothest ride, and a replacement may become very necessary.

      All our chainrings have been tried and tested, and we stock high quality brands like Shimano, Cannondale, SRAM, CSIXX, Rotor and Praxis. You’ll find durable, lightweight options that are designed for your needs, and that can be fitted professionally. All our products are competitively priced too, and if you are not sure what would work best for your bicycle or your riding style, you are welcome to chat to us. Our team of experts is always eager to assist.

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