Are you interested in improving, replacing, or just exploring new cassettes? You’ve come to the right place! At Bike Addict we stock a huge range of 40+ well-priced cassettes for 10-, 11-, and 12-speeds by leading manufacturers like Park Tool, Shimano, SRAM, and SunRace. Search according to Pricing, Type, Brand, Range, and Speed and remember, we’ll ship for free if your order exceeds R1 000*.

      The finely crafted cassettes you’ll find at Bike Addict have been expertly designed to smooth your braking process whether you’re on- or off-road. Upgrade your bicycle’s performance with cassettes for road and mountain adventures and choose according to your cycling style too. We cater to everyone, from casual riders to those who take their cycling very seriously.

      Bike Addict’s range of cassettes are suited to most bicycles and slot easily into place with a threaded lockring. Each one offers you a variety of options for gearing in terms of the chain you’ll be slotting into, and the 10-, 11-, and 12-speed cassettes have those respective ratios. This means you’re increasing your choice of pedalling cadence options and will have the freedom to find the gear that works best.

      Being able to choose between gears to suit not just the terrain you’re travelling but your personal riding style as well will allow you to reach maximum ability with a minimum of unnecessary effort. Whatever speed cassette you’re considering, always take the gear spread and jump between the cogs into account. You’re aiming to get the smallest possible difference between the lowest and highest number of teeth because the smaller this jump is, the smoother your shift between them will be. But, although smaller gears spread allow for easier movement, the more compact gap means that even the biggest sprocket is still relatively small. The larger the space, sprocket, and ratio, the easier you’ll find traversing over rough terrain.

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