Bike Protection

Bike Protection


      All bicycles are doomed to suffer the same fate at the end of the day, due to the very nature of the sport. But at Bike Addict we’re here to help you get the most out of your ride for as long as possible!

      Let’s take chainstay pads for example. Your bicycle chain moves around, a lot. Every time you hit a bump, it bounces up and comes back down. Each bunny hop you take over a curb does the same. And every time you experience a miss-shift, your chain turns deadly, chewing up everything it touches! Why not protect your machine with the best that current technology has to offer? The Bike Protection product list at Bike Addict is here to help you do just that.

      You don’t have to worry about chipping and scratching your frame as much as you normally do with the help of Bike Addict and our friends at CSIXX, Giant, Pro, Race Face, and Titan. Whether you are looking for chainstay pads, saddle covers, double-sided wheel bags, rim and tyre protective inserts, or chainstay protectors, you’ll find them right here, and at very competitive prices.

      Quieten your ride and protect your paint job with chainstay pads, ensure you can physically enjoy longer trails by adding a saddle cover to your accessories and throwing in some tire inserts. This is particularly true for mountain bike riders who enjoy aggressive terrains.

      Good bike protection is simply the next step in improved performance and the overall durability of our machines.

      Take a look at the high-end products created by the world’s top manufacturers listed at Bike Addict. And bear in mind that we offer free shipping not only on bikes over R3 000 but on accessories over R1 000* too. And we regularly ship products all over South Africa and its surrounds. Contact us for a quote and preserve your ride.

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