Bike Addict is here to kit you out, and we don’t only stock bicycles, tyres, brakes and other components, we also feature a wide range of apparel for racing, enduro and mountain bike riders. Assos is one of the brands we are proud to stock, and we’ve got a wide range of apparel for you to choose from.

      Bib shorts, tights, helmets, gloves, jackets and body insulators are just some of what you’ll find from Assos at Bike Addict, and we also stock the brand’s famous Chamois Crème and signature Activewear Cleaner.

      When it comes to cycling clothing, Assos are the Swiss specialists, and are a whole lot more than just another brand. They are dedicated to creating quality cycling apparel, and over the years they have come up with several unique innovations and patented systems that are designed to enhance your ride. Their legendary shorts have set the standard that others follow, and their ALS Layering System has ensured they are well ahead of the pack.

      Assos has been around since 1976 and their aim to produce luxurious performance apparel without compromising has made them legendary. They make use of high-performance, cutting edge, lightweight fabrics to ensure the perfect fit and ultimate comfort, and progressive thinking is part of their ethos. They focus on creating garments that act as a second skin, but that insulate, breathe and protect the wearer as required. Their simple style is also easy to recognize, and they have designed their apparel to look good and function at its optimum, either on its own, or as part of the ALS system. They make use of Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design to ensure that design, cut and material all have essential functions and that their garments are both technically excellent and good looking too.

      When you buy Assos apparel at Bike Addict, you can rest assured you’ll be wearing the best of the best when you get on your bicycle.

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