12 speed cassette


      Looking to upgrade, replace or simply try a new 12 speed cassette? Bike Addict has what you need! Our wide range of competitively priced 12 speed cassettes are manufactured by leading brands like Sram, Sunrace and Shimano, and we offer free shipping for all orders over R1000*.

      All our 12 speed cassettes are designed to offer easy and smooth braking and the best possible performance both on road and off. We have road and mountain bike cassettes, and we’ve got those perfectly suited to casual riders, and those who really take cycling seriously.

      Our cassettes can be fitted to almost all modern bicycles and slot into place using a threaded lockring. Each cassette features a range of gearing options for the chain to slot into, and the 12 speed cassettes have 12 different gear ratios. This means that you have 12 different options for varying you pedalling cadence, and can decide what gear works best for you. By being able to select the right gear for your riding style and the terrain you are on, you can achieve optimum efficiency with minimum effort and output.

      When buying a 12 speed cassette you should always consider the gear spread and the jump between the gears. The smaller the difference between the lowest and highest number of the teeth, the smaller the jump will be between gears, and the smoother the transition. However, while a smaller gear spread facilitates extra smooth shifting, this gap usually means that the largest sprocket is still quite small. The bigger the gap, the ratio and the sprocket, the easier tackling tough terrain is.

      Choose a 12 speed cassette from Bike Addict’s wide selection that ultimately works best for your riding style and needs and you’ll boost your performance and enjoy a smoother, easier ride every time.

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