11 Speed Chain


      Your chain is possibly the most important component of your bicycle, as a broken or damaged chain can leave you stranded, or dramatically impair your performance. Chains are the one component that all cyclists will need to replace at some stage, and at Bike Addict we stock an impressive array of 11 speed chains at highly competitive prices to meet your exacting needs.

      All our 11 speed chains are durable and designed to offer premium performance. However, due to their purpose, chains are subject to a huge amount of wear and tear, and when you purchase a new one it is always a good idea to begin a maintenance routine to extend its lifespan. Over time, chains stretch and wear, and if you can keep your 11 speed chain clean and well lubricated, you can mitigate the effects to a large degree. It is also crucial to always keep an eye on your chain to see if it has stretched, and to know when it has reached a point of no return, as this will keep you safe in the saddle.

      All the 11 speed chains at Bike Addict are manufactured by leading brands such as Shimano Sram, Connex and KMC, and we’ve got different link lengths, inch sizes and weight options designed to suit your riding style. Many of our 11 speed chains have also been designed to offer near silent running, allow for better gear contact and shifting, increased rigidity and a smoother ride. The quality of your chain is crucial, and we only stock the very best brands in the cycling world.

      Generally, 11 speed chains are easy to fit, however if you’d prefer, rather ask a professional to do the job. If you are in the area you can always stop in at Bike Addict and our in-house maintenance team will be happy to help.

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