Cycling Watches

      Need a stylishly functional and sporty watch for cycling, or for every daywear? Bike Addict has exactly what you need. We stock a wide range of watches that are ideal for time spent both in and out the saddle, on the road, or on the trails.

      With leading brands like Garmin and Suunto available at highly competitive prices, you’ll be able to select the watch that best works for you, and fits in with your lifestyle.

      Some of the styles we feature are geared towards the serious cyclist who wants to track stats like their heart rate, lactate threshold, VO2 max estimate, and distance travelled. These smartwatches can also advise on recovery time needed and work as race predictors, as well as provide GPS co ordinates and navigation. Many of our watches also feature chart plotters, autopilot control and remote waypoint marketing, along with data streaming that tracks the weather and wind.

      We also stock the simpler style of watch that just includes the standard features and extras like heart rate monitors, pre-set sport modes and rich sport specific metrics.

      We cater to all types of cyclists and you’ll find analogue and digital watches in our store.  Those who prefer the more classic look and feel may well opt for the analogue face, while others will lean towards the cutting edge digital smartwatches that are essentially mini-computers on your wrist. You’ll also find interchangeable faces available, as well as a variety of watches with straps made of varying materials. The sportier rider may prefer a more durable rubberised non-perishable strap, while those who ride for fun may opt for a leather or steel band.

      Whatever your cycling watch needs, Bike Addict has the perfect option to suit men and women who want to ensure they are always on time, and that their performance is up to speed.

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