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      Time Trial bicycles are in a class of their own, and at Bike Addict we’re proud to offer speed freaks the very best range. Our top time trial bicycles will give you the edge in any heat, and whether you’re looking to beat the clock in a velodrome or on the road, we’ve got something to suit you.

      Bike Addict stocks some of the biggest brand names in the world, and our time trial from Cannondale, Cube, Giant and Scott all offer something special.

      Designed to maximise aerodynamic ability and reduce lag, our triathlon time trial bikes are all made from carbon to ensure that they are lightweight and easy to handle. Boasting hardtail suspension, they also combine speed and comfort and are equipped to handle whatever you throw at them.

      Every time trial bike we stock is race ready and we also offer maintenance services should you need them, along with a wide range of accessories and parts. Plus we include free delivery on most of our time trial bikes. Our range is also suited to men and women who want to push their limits, and we’re sure to have a brand new or second hand time trial bike to suit your budget. Plus you can chat to us about trade ins and trade ups so you can ensure you get in the saddle you really want to be in.

      From Cannondale Slice to Giant Liv Avow or Trinity Advanced, or the Scott Plasma, our selection of time trial bikes for sale is extensive. Every make and model features cutting edge tech designed to give you the edge, and help you give your best in a real-world triathlon performance. From features that improve aerodynamics to those that offer customisable fit and touch points and versatile positioning that makes riding longer easier, the top time trial bikes at Bike Addict cover all necessary bases, and a whole lot more.

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