SRAM is a name that any cyclist will know well, and it is one of the leading bicycle component brands on the planet. At Bike Addict we stock a wide range of SRAM products for casual and serious mountain bike and road cyclists and we’re proud to be associated with such a prestigious brand.

      SRAM started out in 1987 with just a single product, a road bike grip shift. From there, the brand went on to adapt their product for use on mountain bikes and to grow their range of components to meet market demand. Today, SRAM manufacturers everything from chains to brakesets to derailleurs and cassettes, and you’ll find a wide selection of their high quality products right here at Bike Addict.

      This brand is as passionate about cycling as Bike Addict is, and was founded on the basis of a dream to create a faster, more fun and efficient experience on a bicycle. Based in Chicago, SRAM was the brainchild of cycling enthusiasts Scott, Ray and Sam, and that’s where it got its name. These 3 men were the driving force in making SRAM what it is today, and their components are now sold all over the world, and utilize the latest in technology.

      Their derailleurs have made them stand out from the crowd, and their chains and gear components are always a worthwhile investment. From the smallest details in the PowerLock links and connectors to the simple yet cutting edge brake pads they manufacture, every SRAM product has been created with care and with the utmost attention to detail. SRAM is all about ensuring you enjoy the best performance from your bicycle and that your ride is smooth, safe and above all, fun.

      Bike Addict’s selection of SRAM components is competitively priced and we stock everything you need to kit your bike out.

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