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      Silverback Road Bicycles

      With a slogan like Best In Class – Performance Bicycles, it’s easy to see why Silverback road bicycles are a favourite with cyclists all over South Africa, and the rest of the world too. This international brand was established in 2004 and now supplies 49 countries with its exceptional road and mountain bikes. Silverback is a brand that you can trust to deliver a premium pedalling experience, and you’ll find the very best of what this cycling behemoth has to offer at Bike Addict.

      We stock an extensive range of Silverback road bikes, and they all live up to the brand’s ethos of creating the best bikes at the best prices using only proprietary technologies. Silverback uses the BIC or Best In Class metric in the construction of all their bicycles, and each model incorporates the most desirable technology, the best high quality finishes, the most pleasing aesthetics, the most functional high performing frames and the lightest weight construction. They also focus on Advanced Riding Dynamics, or ARD, and this ensures they deliver the best ride with the finest qualities.

      At Bike Addict you can choose from new and pre-owned Silverback road bicycles or frames, and each model offers something special. We stock several different models and year releases of the Sirelli, Sola, Spectra, Spyke and Splash, and as new models are released we add them to our store. Silverback road bicycles are also available in different sizes, and we stock junior bicycles for children and teens, and men and women’s adult sizes from 24” up to 29er.

      Silverback is wholly future forward and strives to create extraordinary bicycles at affordable prices.  Bike Addict has a wide range of this respected brand’s bikes to suit your needs and to ensure that you enjoy the smoothest ride when you hit the road.

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