Scott Kids



      The first bicycle you get your child is a sure-fire milestone memory and something they’ll probably remember for the rest of their life. Being able to ride a bike and possibly accompany you when you’re out doing something you love will give them not just a sense of pride in themselves but add a whole new dimension to your relationship. And we’d be proud to be a part of this process.

      Bike Addict is 100% committed to getting your child to see that there’s a whole wide world off-screen and understand that you’re looking for a durable machine that can withstand the vigour of young riders. Our SCOTT KIDS range features light, efficient bicycles that are perfect not just for novice riders but their budget-conscious parents as well. It pays, literally, to note that although there are far more expensive machines on the market, many professional riders still opt for SCOTT.

      One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a bike from our SCOTT KIDS range is that they are a good choice for multi-purpose rides. Reviewers generally agree that even when you’re on a SCOTT bike tailored to meet the needs of a specific sport, like cross-country rides, you’ll still be able to use it for other things, like riding around in the city.

      SCOTT KIDS bicycles provide high levels of comfort across a wealth of terrains and are light enough to allow for versatility when it comes to biking adventures. Bear in mind that Bike Addict delivers all over South Africa and its neighbouring countries, and we’ll do this for free if you spend over R3 000 on a bicycle or more than R1 000 on accessories*.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote. Let’s get to work on turning your kid into a rider for life.

      *Terms and conditions apply