Scott 2021



      The Scott Bikes collection at Bike Addict has been updated for the latest range and comes in a huge range of options. You’ll find a bicycle to cover virtually every area of cycling here, from an iconic brand that’s been in the business for 60+ years. When you buy one, it’s nice to know that you have made the same choice that greats like Caleb Ewan, Matteo Trentin, and Nino Schurter did.

      The Scott Addict range at Bike Addict is the perfect range of road racing bikes to those looking to race with speed and comfort. These machines are very sophisticated, with aerodynamic, integrated frames and great quality specifications. They may not feel as racy you would expect, but this is because they’re so comfortable.

      Our Scott Contessa is our range of choice for ladies looking to compete at the top level with a selection of road racing and mountain bikes. You’ll find the same refined geometry in each one but with changes to include distinct touchpoints for women in the grips, handlebars, and saddles.

      The Scott Genius, available from Bike Addict in the range of trail bikes suited for everything from hills to downhill single tracks. It also generates a huge amount of speed if you pump it because of its progressive suspension. You’ll go like a rocket on a flowing trail because of its compact frame and the nimble handling makes for a very fun ride.

      The Roxter 24” is a mountain bike with an aluminium frame for younger riders. And the Spark collection is excellent for cross-country, marathon riders and fast trails alike. The suspension is perfectly balanced, and impacts get filtered without bottoming out too harshly.

      Take a more in-depth look at what we have to offer here at Bike Addict and remember that we offer free shipping on purchases of Scott bikes over R4 000*.

      *Terms and Conditions apply.

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