For over 60 years Scott has been a brand that cyclists and sportsmen the world over can trust. Bike Addict gives you the opportunity to peddle your way to greatness, as we have Scott bicycles for sale to suit every skill level. We stock a wide range of Scott bikes starting from those that are 12” and going up to 29er. This means we’ve got your kids covered and we’ve got you covered, and whether you are a casual cyclist or someone who takes cycling very seriously, there’s a Scott bike for sale that will work for you.

      The brand’s range includes the Aspect, Scale and Scott Spark models, and these are available at varying price points, depending on what they offer. Bike Addict offers something that will fit every budget, and many of our models also come with free delivery.

      If you want to trade in, or trade up, we offer this option too, and we stock a range of pre-used Scott bicycles that are in excellent condition. We can also service your Scott bike, and provide branded parts.

      Scott bikes are designed for all purposes, and the brand is one that you can trust. Whether you are looking for mountain bikes for sale or want something on road or for urban use, there is a Scott bicycle for you. Scott’s MTB have won Olympic medals, World Championships and World Cups, so it safe to say that their bicycles are highly sought after by athletes serious about winning. Their road bikes are also incredibly lightweight, making them a first choice of those who want to lead the pack.

      Chat to the pros at Bike Addict about a Scott sports bike, and find out more about a brand that is known for its rugged sporting ability and its state of the art, innovative construction. Or, simply browse our selection and see what we have to offer cyclists in South Africa.

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