Bicycle Pumps

      Don’t ever let a flat tyre stop you from enjoying your ride. Bike Addict’s wide range of reliable, durable bicycle pumps offer inflation options for all types of tyres, and will keep you pumped up and ready to go.

      As properly inflated tyres are crucial to performance and safety, we stock both bike pumps and CO₂ inflators. This makes it easy to ensure that you can pump up your tyres while out and about, and our lightweight, portable pumps are easy to carry, compact and efficient. Thanks to our wide range of pumps, you’ll never be left stranded.

      Our range of bike pumps caters for all types of bicycles and valves, and you’ll find foot pumps, drive pumps, floor pumps and hand pumps all readily available. This means you can inflate your tyres in the easiest way possible, depending on the terrain you are on, or your bicycles requires. Our CO₂ inflators are also quick and easy to use, and we even stock bulk packs of cartridges so you don’t run out in hurry.

      All our bicycle pumps are made by trusted and reliable brands and are built to last. You can choose from pumps from brands like Airshot, Blackburn, Merida, Ryder and Titan to name just a few, and there is something to suit every cyclist’s budget too.

      If you are not sure what type of bicycle pump will suit your needs best, so you need advice about nozzles or adapters, we are also here to help. We have a wealth of experience and our team loves everything to do with riding, so we can assist wherever needed.

      Make sure that a flat tyre is never a problem again, let Bike Addict equip you with the pump you need to keep you pedalling.

      64 products

      64 products