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      Bike Addict has close on 100 options when it comes to MTB Wheels, so you’re in good hands, guaranteed. We feature almost 20 of the best MTB Wheel brands in the world too, including American Classic, Hope, Race Face, Stans, and ZeroTwo, along with free shipping on orders over R1 000.*

      The quality of your mountain bike’s wheels will make an enormous difference to your ride. Having a good set improves your ability to accelerate, climb, corner, field obstacles, and stop, so your overall cycling experience is not just smoother, it’s safer, too. The biggest factors to take into consideration when you’re looking to buy MTB Wheels is their stiffness, strength, and weight since these will all hugely impact the quality of your ride.

      MTB Wheels are literally what keep you moving. Sure, the drivetrain pushes you along and the frame is important too, but the wheels are the very first element of your machine to feel and translate terrain changes and surface imperfections.

      One of the most predominant traits in a quality wheelset is how well it transfers your pedal efforts to the outcome of your trail. You’ll need to match the right wheels to your preferred riding discipline, style, and the terrain you most enjoy, and you’re guaranteed to find what you need right here at Bike Addict.

      After that, it’s up to you to adjust spoke tension, which any local bike shop can help you with, clean your bearings, and keep your rims free of chips, dents, and scrapes.

      MTB Wheels need to offer you strength and durability because of the nature of off-road cycling trips. The range at Bike Addict will offer you total peace of mind when you enjoy one of these because you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re using a set of wheels that won’t let you down.

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      50 products

      50 products