Merida 2021


      Merida bicycles have the kind of aerodynamics that have gone on to be one of the best in their class and they definitely tick the pure efficiency box. This is alongside the many awards that they’ve won and the fact that their bicycles offer riders a surprising level of comfort. The framesets offer excellent handling and, if you are on the hunt for swift bikes that you have the option to upgrade further down the line, then look no further.

      The Merida team outdoes itself each and every year, creating bikes with even less drag, reduced weight, and increased comfort. The result is a versatile line of different bicycles that have more than proved their worth on various World Tours. They have also gone on to win more than a few races.

      Merida road bikes are said by some to embody lightweight racing bicycles and they have become the first option for riders in search of great climbing ability. The bicycles from this manufacturer are as aerodynamic as they are comfortable, and they offer riders a relatively easy way to achieve higher speeds with lower levels of body and muscle fatigue.

      As the second-largest Taiwanese manufacturer, you may be surprised to learn that Merida started out creating parts and bicycles for other well-known brands. This meant that the company knew exactly what the industry was lacking, and this has seen them going all out to provide it since launching its own range of bikes back in 1973. Merida has a range of bicycles spanning pretty much all disciplines and at Bike Addict we’re proud to be able to offer their best products.

      With cutting edge technology including an exceptional combination of Intermediate, High Modulus, and Ultra-High Modulus carbon fibres, you can look forward to a new ride that’s not only faster than ever before but more aesthetically pleasing.