Whether you are riding hardpack, loose dirt, or mud, Maxxis has the perfect mountain bike tyre. And they’ve got wonderful road bicycle tyres, along with the perfect fit for your fatbike. Their market dominance is largely due to the tread patterns being so beloved by cyclists and performing so well across a huge range of conditions.


      Maxxis International is focused on delivering high-performance tyres that are unparalleled in performance and quality. With 45+ years of manufacturing, and an ingenious team powering the breakthroughs, the company has created many new technologies to develop their diverse catalogue of products. We’ve got 35c tyres in sizes ranging from 20” through 26”, 27.5”, up to 29” at Bike Addict and are here to help you find what you’re looking for.


      Maxxis engineers have the tyres tested with national and world-class champions and use some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment and engineering sites in the world. And it’s a rule that only after a thorough professional evaluation does one of the tyres go into production.


      Since starting off as a tiny firm in 1967, when Maxxis International began in Taiwan, the organisation has grown at leaps and bounds. Today they stand as one of the biggest manufacturers of tyres in the world and Bike Addict is proud to stock their products.


      There’s simply no other tyre brand that has as much choice for cyclists as Maxxis and the range includes purpose-specific options through to more all-round items. Whether you’re looking for a fast-rolling XC tyre or a mud tyre with excellent grip, you’ll find it here. These tyres give you the best durability, grip, and weight in South Africa and these products are the first choice for recreational cyclists and racers alike.


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