All cyclists know how important good riding apparel is, which is why Bike Addict has everything you need when it comes to getting kitted out. Not only do we stock bicycles, brakes, handlebars, tools, and tyres, we also stock great apparel. And while you may, like most riders, hear the name Leatt and immediately think of neck braces, change has come!

      Leatt has expanded its offerings. You can now benefit from high-quality hoodies, long-sleeved jerseys, pants, shirts, and shoes by this renowned company, all available right here at Bike Addict.

      The apparel is breathable as well as windproof and water resistant to help you fight off the effects of the weather. The items are light and stretchy when you need them to be as well as tough and durable so you can get out onto the road or track confidently.

      Leatt has put considerable time and effort into creating cycling clothing that stands head and shoulders above its competitors’. If you’re looking for unique, innovative, protective gear, this is where you will find it. You no longer have to choose between safety and style.

      This company formed in 2001. Chris Leatt’s son started cycling and just a short while after that he witnessed the death of a friend, Alan Selby. This prompted Chris to design the first neck-brace prototype. Many awards and wins later, the company now offer a range of protective gear for cyclists to wear, all of which make use of the high-performance, state-of-the-art, lightweight fabric that guarantee a great fit with a comfortable ride.

      The focus is on creating the kind of clothing that shields the rider from injury and the elements without sacrificing the great looks discerning cyclists demand. When you purchase Leatt apparel at Bike Addict, you can relax knowing you’ll be safe and stylish when next you go out for a ride.

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