Groupset Road



      The most important job of road bike groupsets is that they offer a seamless performance and provide a glitch-free ride. Crisp, smooth shifting ability is a must, and you need to seriously consider durability.

      If you maintain your road groupset properly, it should last a few thousand kilometres before you notice parts wearing. That’s why Bike Addict focuses on Rotor and Shimano road groupsets. To put it simply, they’re the best out there.

      Often listed as one of a road bike’s main features, the groupset is the ultimate determinator of how you interact with your bicycle since it has such an enormous impact on how you’re braking and shifting.

      Shimano and Rotor are the two leading players when it comes to road groupsets globally today. And while each groupset has its own nuanced differences when it comes to how it works, they both, ultimately, are responsible for performing the same task.

      Road groupsets give riders a range of selection when it comes to gears, so your pedalling can continue unimpeded over different gradients. And they make sure the stopping power is there when you need to hit the brakes!

      Rotor has managed to develop groupsets that integrate hydraulic technology from the disc brakes through to the drivetrain. This means that they help you accomplish a previously unimaginable level of smoothness without necessitating a compromise on efficiency or the tactile command that makes sure we don’t forget who’s in control of the handlebars.

      Shimano’s reputation for cost-effectiveness, functionality, performance, and reliability is brought to bear on the road groupsets at Bike Addict. We’re pleased to be able to provide such incredible value for many across so many price points.

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