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      Road Frames

      Bike Addict offers you an excellent range of road frames from brands as renowned as Look Cycle, Ritchey, SCOTT, and Titan Racing Bikes. We have ensured that every rider’s preference is catered to, making travelling slowly or at speed on paved roads a breeze.

      As cyclists ourselves, we know full well that a good bike frame is vital to the overall experience, and for our machines to perform at their best they need to provide support without being heavy and cumbersome. That’s why Bike Addict stock road frames by the world’s finest brands, all of whom have proven their worth over many years’ experience. With a range of products available you’re sure to find what you’re looking for and feel free to contact us if you don’t.

      We understand that it’s not always possible to rush out and purchase a brand-new bicycle and that your budget won’t always allow for the replacement of a frame that’s worn out and needs replacing even if the rest of your machine is in good nick. So we’ve priced our road frames competitively and offer a variety of price ranges to try and ensure that we meet as many cyclists’ needs as possible. We’ve gone so far as to offer free shipping on any orders that exceed R1 000 (terms and conditions apply).

      The Bike Addict team is always here to help you work out which road frame is your best fit, and our in-house maintenance department can even help you set your new machine up if you need assistance. Feel free to contact us or simply find the road frame that will best absorb road vibration and give your ride a vastly improved quality on your own.

      Our mission is to get your riding, and our range of road frames provides for everyone, from amateurs through to professionals.

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