Bike Addict boasts a wide range of bicycle frames from some of the worlds leading road, track and mountain bike brands. We’ve made sure that we cater to every rider, regardless of whether they prefer the rough terrain of mountain bike trails, or the smoothness of a track.

      We know that bike frames are the heart and soul of any bicycle and that they need to be able to perform at their optimum, providing support while still being lightweight and aerodynamic. That’s why we stock leading brands that have proven to deliver. From unfinished carbon fibre to matte finish, to MTB frames in a variety of colours, standard sizes and fork configurations, you’ll find them all here.

      Merida, LOOK, Ritchey, SCOTT and Momsen are just some of the top class brands that we’ve got in store, and our bike frames will always live up to expectations.

      We know that sometimes, buying a new bicycle isn’t an option, or that a frame is cracked and needs replacing, but the rest of the bike is in good condition. That’s why our bicycle frames are priced competitively, and we carry a wide range of options to ensure that every need is met.

      The Bike Addict team is always happy to help you decide which bike frame will work best for you, and our in-house maintenance department can even assist you with setting your bicycle up. Chat to us if you have any concerns, or simply select the frame that will give your riding the edge, and get free delivery on orders over R1000. (Terms and conditions apply).

      Bike Addict is here to get everyone riding, and our range of bicycle frames caters for the amateur, casual cyclist and the pro that knows exactly why a world class quality frame is crucial for optimal performance

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