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      DT Swiss AG is a world-renowned company with a reputation for developing, producing and marketing bicycle components like wheel hubs of the highest possible quality. The company was started by Messrs Frank Böckmann, Marco Zingg, and Maurizio D'Alberto in 1994 and they’ve been producing first rate bicycle components for male and female riders the world over since then.

      We’ve got a wide range of their wheel hubs at Bike Addict. These are the most important bearing interface on our machines, with the rear axle and bearings being subject to heavy stress exceeded only by that which the bottom bracket bears. They spin at a rate far faster than the bottom bracket does, however, and get more easily contaminated by water and dirt, so making sure yours are of the highest possible quality is important.

      DT Swiss has been operating for over two decades now and we’re proud to stock their products at Bike Addict. While they’re headquartered in Biel-Bienne, Switzerland, they’ve expanded over the years and now operate production and sales sites in Asia, France, Germany, Poland, and the USA, a testament to the quality of their products.

      The organisation’s patented freewheel system features ultraprecision star ratchets and guarantees top performance capabilities and consistent reliability. The fact that it’s a concept that doesn’t require any fancy tools additionally allows for quick, simple maintenance.

      The production of premium hubs and other components is this company’s goal and they maintain the highest-possible standards via a comprehensive range of processes and a management team with an eye for detail. All their parts are high-end, from the selection of the raw materials, through the individual production stages, to the final products themselves. 

      We’ve got a great selection of hubs by DT Swiss at Bike Addict, but if you’re struggling to find a certain product, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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