If you are serious about cycling, or about tracking your progress, keeping tabs on your heart rate and ensuring that you optimise your performance in every way, DoFit is the brand for you. At Bike Addict we sock a range of DoFit accessories so that you can keep tabs on your riding and make sure that every push of the pedals adds up.

      Whether you ride for fun, for fitness or as a serious competitor, knowing your stats and tracking your progress will always give you the edge. DoFit is designed to do just that, and this high quality, durable sports tech brand has earned itself a reputation for excellence.

      The DoFit GPS Smartwatch is designed for anyone who wants to enjoy the functionality of a GPS with a heart rate monitor, activity tracker and step counter and sleep monitor. This stylish watch not only looks good, it is packed full of features, and is waterproof too, plus it can make and receive calls and is fully integrated with Android so you can download any apps you require and use the built-in Bluetooth function to beam information to your smartphone or tablet.

      For those looking for something a little simpler, the DoFit Fitness Bands are a great choic,e and these have a more sporty appearance and slightly reduced functionality. They are still bursting with features that are ideally suited to cyclists as they track heart rate, sleep cycle, move trajectory and have a built in GPS.

      The DoFit Smart Scale is also a great addition to any cyclists training regime as it has unmatched precision, a 1% impedance tolerance and it syncs with an Android app.  It also auto recognises family members; so more than one person can use it.

      Let Bike Addict and DoFit set you on the right track to being the best you can be, whether on your bicycle, or off.

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