11 Speed Cassette


      At Bike Addict we don’t only feature a great range of road and mountain bikes, we also stock all the components that you need for maintenance, upgrades and replacements. Our wide range of 11 speed cassettes caters to both the amateur and pro rider, and we only stock high quality brands that deliver premium performance under the conditions they were designed for.

      The cassette is an integral part of any bicycle and is held in place with a threaded lockring, or slot into a freehub body. We have 11 speed cassettes with a range of different sprockets that can meet either criteria, and fitting them is quick and easy. All our 11 speed cassettes are designed to cope with the demands of on road or off road biking, and if you’re buying a new cassette it’s also an excellent opportunity to consider what you need when it comes to gearing on your regular rides.

      Our cassettes provide a range of gearing options for your chain and this range lets you vary your pedal cadence and achieve the optimum balance between input and output. If you need higher or lower gearing on a more regular basis you can find a cassette that accommodates this, and makes for an even smoother, more enjoyable and energy efficient ride. The last thing you want to do is use excess energy to keep your pedal revolutions up, and the right 11 speed cassette will ensure you ride in the most effective, balanced way.

      Take a look at our wide range of 11 speed cassettes and choose from leading bicycle brands such as Sram, Sunrace and Shimano. Once you’ve selected your component and had it fitted, remember that keeping it clean, debris and dust free and well greased can greatly extend its lifespan.

      8 products

      8 products