TUBOLITO Tubo MTB Plus 27.5+ Tube

TUBOLITO Tubo MTB Plus 27.5+ Tube

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TUBOLITO are premium spec MTB and ROAD tubes. Both tubes being significantly orange in colour, incredibly smaller and lighter then the standard butol/rubber replacements, twice as puncture resistant to standard tubes, and extremely small in size.
All cyclists need a replacement tube. For roadies, it’s a no-brainer, for the MTB riders, although you so seldom use a replacement tube, you still need to have one in your pack. Therefore, why not just take smallest toughest tube available????
And no matter which rider you are, it’s ideal for race packs when you are tight on space.

Minimum weight – maximum protection: The Tubo-MTB-Plus product line is optimized for tyre widths from 2.5″ to 3.0″ – which is today’s standard for E-MTBs. The light weight of 105g (for 27.5+) increases your battery life. Also a lightweight alternative for tubeless riders.

Weight 105g
Tyre Width 2,5" - 3,0"
Valve 42mm SV Orange

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