TIME X-Presso 6 Road Pedals

TIME X-Presso 6 Road Pedals

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TIME has revolutionized clipless pedal technology and introduces its newest generation: Xpresso. The Iclic concept - pre-open clipless system (TIME patent) - allows more intuitive engagement without any rubbing. Moreover, the carbon flexion blade and the oversize 700 mm2 platform gives the pedal a record surface area/ weight factor.

Light, Easy Step-in, Ergonomic

Led by our new Xpresso 15, all Xpresso pedals feature light weight, easy engagement with iClic®, and ergonomics to optimize your comfort and performance. Our Xpresso line offers a variety of materials, from steel to hollow titanium axles, composite to carbon bodies and carbon spring to fit your performance needs. The iClic pre-open clipless system allows you to click in without having to force the clip open making stepping in fast, easy and secure. With the oversized 700mm2 along with the carbon spring design, the Xpresso line boast a large platform area for stability and power transmission.

Hollow steel axle.

Composite body.

Stainless steel plate.

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