SRAM RED 22 DoubleTap Hydraulic Shifter + Hydraulic Rim Brakeset
silver Hydraulic Rim Brakeset
SRAM RED 22 DoubleTap Hydraulic Shifter

SRAM RED 22 DoubleTap Hydraulic Shifter + Hydraulic Rim Brakeset

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SRAM RED 22. When SRAM re-introduced SRAM RED in 2012 there was simply nothing more SRAM could add to make it better. SRAM RED was all new, re-designed throughout, with innovations SRAM has spent the past year touting and their athletes proving. It was loaded with features and benefits that matched the needs of professionals: fast, light, aerodynamic, ergonomic, near-silent, and, of course, trim-less, with ground breaking Yaw™ technology. Adding two more gears to that combination was arguably the only improvement required. The added benefit is that now, without adding weight, SRAM maintains a system that shifts incredibly fast upfront, and with the best and smoothest gear transitions in back. And, for the first time available anywhere, the system gives you twenty-two gears. No compromise and no trim, what SRAM is calling True 22, in any gear combination. Welcome to SRAM RED 22. 

Road braking has remained in the dark ages. Sure, they’re shinier and lighter, but rudimentary. While frame and drive train development has been the stuff of modern space exploration, road braking has languished with the likes of horse shoes an buggy whips.
Until now. 

SRAM, long a leader in hydraulic braking technology with the Avid brand, has reset the vision for road bike braking for the coming decade. Not unlike every other high speed conveyance, SRAM brings hydraulic technology to road cycling for multiple applications. Disc or rim brake, SRAM will stop what you’ve propelled, faster and with better modulation. Go ahead and go in deep. 

SRAM RED 22 DoubleTap Hydraulic Shifter
  • all new master cylinder providing better braking control and performance in all conditions
  • new ErgoDynamics design including reach adjust
  • new shifter paddle design for better finger clearance
  • front and rear brake may be converted on the grips
  • lower hand forces required
  • new high capacity bladder
  • fully sealed system
  • easy bleed access

Hydraulic Rim Brake
  • optimized power & modulation for road & cross
  • Quick Release
  • tools-free contact point adjust
  • tire clearance of 28mm for instance suitable for Zipp Firecrest wheels

The new SRAM RED ErgoDynamic shifters represent SRAM's most advanced thinking yet on perfecting the interface between rider and bike.
SRAM has scrutinized everything, including the transition between handlebar and hoods, the grip texture, finger wrap, and the separate interfaces with both the shifter and brake lever. The result is an extremely comfortable, highly individual fit that makes the shifters feel like a natural extension of the rider.
ErgoFit textured body improves grip and finger wrap with reduced diameter, providing better control, and a better transition to the bar.
Individual Reach Adjust of brake and shift lever, now easier to access and uses a standard hex key, puts the controls exactly where you want them.
Larger carbon ErgoBlade lever improves shifting from the drops. 

DoubleTap® technology delivers both shifts from the single lever.
ZeroLoss™ shifting, shifts engage immediately. New clamp allows better fit and adjust for modern carbon and ergo bars. 

Technical advice: Please use RED 22 Hydro Shifter with SRAM 11-speed rear derailleurs and SRAM Hydraulic Disc or Rim brakes only. SRAM road control levers are not compatible with rear derailleurs of other manufacturers.

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