MAVIC Crossride Tubeless Pulse 29" WTS Wheelset

MAVIC Crossride Tubeless Pulse 29" WTS Wheelset

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Crossride Tubeless Pulse WTS
The access to the benefits of Tubeless for this versatile and lightweight Wheel-Tyre System - Pulse 2.1
Whether you’re into cross-country racing or love getting out on your bike and hitting the trails with friends, you need components that keep your bike fast and light.

Lighter, sleeved rim
The rim is the biggest component of the wheel, so we’ve redesigned ours to be wider, for better comfort, lighter and sleeved for more responsiveness, and with a specific rim shape to match the specific UST rim strip. It also brings all the benefits of a tubeless wheel like traction, puncture protection and comfort.

Double-butted spokes
Double-butted spokes save valuable weight to deliver that unique Mavic combination of performance and reliability.

High quality components
Every component has been fine-tuned to improve performance and flexibility. Power transfer is handled by our proven TS-2 freehub system inspired by higher end products and offering 15° engagement and a large range of compatibility with all axles (QRs, 12x35, 12x142) with idiot-proof plugs and also XD drive trains with optional TS-2 XD freehub body.

Crossride tubeless pulse tyres
For riders who want that extra bit of speed, the wheels are equipped with Crossride Tubeless Pulse, a completely new set of fast rolling, cross-country tyres that combine the benefits of tubeless ready (improved traction, comfort and control, and reduced inertia and risk of flats) with a reinforced casing (Guard) for a worry-free ride.

Wider and lighter rim

Wider rim offers bigger air volume for better comfort

New lighter sleeved rim helps easy handling

Double spokes reduced weight while ensuring optimum stiffness and reliability

The Right Link

New Crossride Tubeless Pulse tyre 2.1"

Fast rolling tread and all round capabilities

UST rim strip and UST Tubeless Ready tyre for more grip and traction

Access the Mavic performance and identity

Mavic identity: new consistent Crossride family graphics, matching on wheels and tyres.

Bladed spokes

Mavic reliability: H2, TS-2, sleeved rim


Pair 29" without tyre: 1960 grams

Front 29" without tyre: 920 grams

Rear 29" without tyre: 1040 grams

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