LEATT Glove MTB 1.0 (2021)
LEATT Glove MTB 1.0 (2021)
LEATT Glove MTB 1.0 (2021)

LEATT Glove MTB 1.0 (2021)

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Premium Feel, Ultralight, Padded Palm With Microngrip

These vented bicycle gloves with padded palms are slim yet durable

These non-impact protective gloves are made from a stretch material that is breathable and centers around comfort. The NEW super slim design with MicronGrip palms is lightweight and flexible while the NEW FormFit finger stitching offer superior comfort and handlebar feel in wet and dry conditions.

They are very durable and have a lens/sweat wiper and touch screen function for your convenience.

The MTB 1.0 glove sets a new standard of glove for this price range.

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