GIRO Synthe Helmet

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GIRO Synthe Helmet

The GIRO Synthe leads the way in road helmet design offering great aerodynamic efficiency with a supreme fit. Also, by using the latest technology such as Roc Loc Air fit system, X-Static padding & Wind Tunnel ventilation, great rider comfort & safety too.

The streamlined design aids in excellent aerodynamics whilst the Wind Tunnel ventilation system combines active vents (19) with internal exhaust channels that thrust cool, fresh air over and around your head whilst forcing heat and stale air out. This significant increase in air channelling makes a difference that you will immediately feel and appreciate especially when cycling in hot/very hot conditions. In addition to being very comfortable, Giro's X-Static pads provide anti-microbial properties to help keep your helmet fresher, longer. The pads are also machine washable.

Another great feature of the Synthe helmet is the Roc Loc Air fit system. The Roc Loc Air system enhances comfort and stability while adding a new dimension to ventilation and cooling. With a unique design that suspends the helmet slightly above the head, it creates an optimised path for air to flow through the helmet with a Venturi effect that increases efficiency of the vents and internal ventilation channels.

Like the acclaimed Roc Loc 5, it also offers micro-adjustable tensioning and vertical positioning adjustments, so you can fine-tune the fit and tilt on the fly with one hand. It's a new level of skull-hugging luxury and cool that only Giro can provide!

The Giro Synthe also has eyewear docking ports so you can easily carry your glasses when you don't need to wear them anymore!

The Giro Synthe sets a new bar for ventilation, rider comfort and safety and if you are looking for a helmet that caters for all these factors, this helmet does that. It is a true synthesis of all features a modern rider wants in a high performance road racing helmet. A worthy investment when comfort is paramount and safety is key.

Roc Loc 5 System
This groundbreaking fit system provides an entirely unique user experience with an unmatched level of comfort, stability, adjustability and weight savings. With Roc Loc 5, you can easily dial-in both fit tension and adjust vertical position with a single hand. Just twist the dial for a tighter feel on rough terrain, then back it off a notch and relax across the flats or a warm climb. Even with these remarkable features, Roc Loc 5 is still nearly 40% lighter than its popular predecessor, Roc Loc 4.

  • Micro Dial: The heart of Roc Loc 5 is this ratcheting, micro-adjusting dial. A simple, two-finger twist of the Micro Dial opens or closes the retention system and each click is audible
  • Three-Position Bracket: It's never been easier to change vertical positions and fine-tune fit. We incorporated a three-position bracket that features 15-millimeters of up/down movement. Like the Micro Dial, this system can be adjusted without removing the helmet. Carefully-crafted ergonomic arms are shaped to be as comfortable as possible, yet work
  • Dual Pods: These two panels are designed to firmly grasp the back of your head while comfortably cradling the occipital lobe
  • Strap Baskets: With Roc Loc 5, your helmet straps are always right where you need them. Not to mention this strap basket brings a new level of comfort.


  • Use: road
  • Weight: 234g (medium)
  • In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
  • Roc-Loc Air fit system
  • 19 vents with internal channeling
  • Wind tunnel ventilation
  • Aero mesh panels
  • Eyewear docking ports (see picture)
  • X-Static padding
  • Featherweight webbing with slimline buckle

Helmet Sizing: To determine the correct helmet size, wrap a tape measure around the head, keeping the tape just above the ears and level front to back.

  • Medium: 55 - 59cm
  • Large: 59 - 63cm

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