ENVE MSeries 50 Fifty Carbon Fiber 28H King Boost Mountain Bike Wheelset

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What is it?

The ultimate carbon fiber cross-country and marathon wheelset
Who is it for?

Mountain bikers who ride short travel bikes, low volume tires, and long distances
Why did we make it?

Because cross-country riding and racing is most fun when your equipment allows you to ride how and what you want to. We believe the best cross-country wheelset should inspire confidence regardless of the terrain or race course. As such, the M50 is equally adept descending as it is ascending. The M50 is light, but not at the expense of strength; stiff but not to the detriment of comfort.

Quick Specs

 Hub: Chris King Boost 6B with 6 Bolt Brake rotor

Holes: 28 Holes

Front Axle: 110mm

Raer Axle: 148mm
Material: Carbon Fiber
Rim Depth: 28
External Rim Width: 27
Internal Rim Width:  21
ERD: 601
Built Weight Set: 1402.00
Rim Weight Set:  730.0
Recommended Tyre Size: 1.9 in - 2.25 in

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