CSIXX Gravity 3 Series Chainguide

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Worry about your line, not your drivetrain. The 3Series Enduro guide uses a super light and stiff CNC machined Aluminium backplate to mount a high impact, injection molded Nylon guide cage.

A unique, replaceable skidplate - CNC machined from high impact Nylon - will protect your chainring and chain from rock strikes. Perfect for trail bombing or elite racing - never let a dropped chain or stray rock ruin your run again!


Anodised 7075 Aluminium backplate and a Nylon Top guide 


Carbon backplate and a Nylon Top guide 


Full carbon backplate and Top guide


Features : 


• Snap fit Slider System

All of our guides are mounted on our Snap fit Slider system to make installation and adjustment as simple as possible.
Snap on the correct spacer 1- 6mm for your bikes chain line, slide it down to cover the
Chainring indicator, tighten and you are ready to Go !

• Chainring indicator

Get the perfect alignment straight away with our chainring indicator moulded into all of our guides.
Simply loosen the cage, shift it down until your chain is covering the indicator and tighten !

• Nylon Guide cage

The guide cage is moulded from a Glass reinforced Nylon, a highly chemical resistant polymer, with strong tensile properties yet still possesses elastic characteristics.
This means that your guide won’t break or snap, even from a direct rock strike.
It won’t be effected by any chain lube and it will dampen any noises or vibrations coming from your chain.

• Replaceable Bumpers

All our guides come with our Replaceable rubber Bumpers.
These bumpers take the wear and tear so the whole Nylon6 cage doesn’t have to.
This allows for complete sound and vibration dampening even when the chain is in direct contact with the guide in rough terrain.

• Complete Compatibility

All of our chainguides use the same tech so that they are interchangeable throughout the range.
Even our hardware is compatible with bits you would have in your tool box or even on your bike. Between standard M5 and Chainring bolts our hardware is the most common.

• Replaceable Bash

The bash plates used on our Enduro and DH guides are made from Nylon 6 which has the perfect balance between Tensile strength and elastic properties.
This means you won’t crack your bash the 1st time is sees a rock but rather flex with the initial impact and deflect it.

• CoLoUrS

Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Silver, Black
Any guide – Any colour
Mix and Match as you like.

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