ASSOS T.Neo Pro S7 Bib Shorts

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The ASSOS T.Neo Pro S7 bibshort are designed for the "training / racing" cyclist so that means the type of cyclist who wants comfort when riding all day long, but also performance for winning when you decide to enter that Sportive or TT. 
  • 14% Less volume – Lighter so you'll hardly notice you're wearing them
  • 23% Less Genital pressure which can only be a good thing!
  • 47% Fewer seams – less friction for added comfort and a superior fit
  • +17% More Soft compression so you don't fatigue as quickly in them
  • +21% More breathability so you don't get hot and sweaty in them
  • The Assos S7 range now replaces the S5 range that's been around for the last 5 years and has donned many roadies wardrobes, and as such there's been a few subtle but "game changing" enhancements. 
  • Assos new entry-level shorts are attractively priced and feature a regular, all-around fit. 
  • They are Assos, so they use the exact same high quality materials and technologies as the higher levels. 
  • But they have a simpler construction, they are more essential, though plenty good enough for most applications. T.neoPro is the spiritual successor of the Uno _s5, just better, offering less weight and more performance. 
  • Simply an amazing pair of shorts! You need them! 
  • For frequent riders, T.neoPro is ideally suited for your daily lunch-time ride or, if you are a young avid cyclist and new to Assos, these are the shorts you should start off with to enter the Assos total comfort universe.

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