ASSOS S5 TB.Laala.Lai (Lady) 2017

ASSOS S5 TB.Laala.Lai (Lady) 2017

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To say the least, Assos always keeps us on our toes. With every new design, we get a 'why didn't we think of that' feeling, and the tB.LaaLaLai_S5 Women's Bib Shorts are no exception to this. More than just a tongue-twister of a name, the tB.LaaLaLai is a revolution in anatomically designed cycling apparel.Don't think of the tB.LaaLaLai_S5 Women's Bib Shorts as a sleeveless skinsuit, but as bib shorts with a zipper and a large pocket. The reason that we see them as bibs is because the front and back panels of the top are made from an amazing two-layer laminate. The layer against your skin is Assos' micro-mesh -- a hydrophobic/hydrophilic stretch fabric that keeps the skin feeling dry. This mesh is laminated to Type.409 EVO glossy -- an ultralight and super-thin, four-way stretch fabric. The top fits like a second skin around your torso. This means that all of the fabric will touch your skin, wicking like crazy and replacing the need for a base layer. The substantial amount of material also offers great support for keeping the shorts in place.The legs are made from Assos Type A.431 spandex. Similar to 434, in that it's ultra-thin and offers great compression. However, the main difference is that 431 is thinner and softer, making the material more comfortable on warm to hot days. And since comfort is paramount to Assos, the leg grippers only go halfway around each leg.As with Assos' other top-shelf offerings, this monosuit comes with the Lady_S5 chamois -- it's the celeste colored pad that you've heard about. Compared to most pads, S_5 is a bit shorter from front-to-back, and it's a bit wider in the sit bones. A design made for comfort, it stretches to move with your body and has extra protection in all the right places. When seen in hand, the extra padding doesn't look like much, but when worn, you'll feel the difference under your sit bones.Since this is made to be a suit you can wear alone in hot weather, there's a pocket in back. It's a single-cavity space, with a zipper at the top. It's big enough for a few bars and some essentials, but it's also specifically designed to fit the jS.LaaLaLai jersey shell.The Assos TB.LaaLaLai S5 Women's Shorts is available in the colors Black Volkanga, Piton Green, Red Swiss, and White Panther. It also comes in five sizes from X-Small to X-Large.

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